The Golden Wood

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, The Golden Wood is an anomaly in Middle-earth. At the time of the story, the shadow of Mordor is enveloping the land, and evil is spreading and overcoming good at every turn. Not so in The Golden Wood. The borders of the wood are guarded closely through the dedicated vigilance of the Elves, and evil is unable to gain a foothold there. It is a land of mystery and wonder, beauty and goodness. The Golden Wood also serves a very specific purpose for the Fellowship of the Ring: they enter it immediately after Gandalf’s fall in to shadow and there they are able to find healing and rest, and they are equipped for the remainder of their journey and the trials that are to follow.

And so it is with The Ambrose School. When compared to the dominant culture, our school is an anomaly: our students strive to honor Christ and not themselves; we recognize and practice a decorum in our dress and speech; in a culture that worships individualism, we live in community with one another; we strive to maintain high standards when the world around us overthrows all standards. It is our hope that our students can find healing and rest here from the constant barrage of negative cultural influences. Perhaps most importantly, we hope that The Ambrose School is a place where our students will be equipped to stand firm in their faith and impact the world for Christ once they leave here.

There is much wrong with the world. It can be easy for Christians to despair and lose hope that God can redeem anything in our culture. I have an insider’s view at The Ambrose School. I hear and see things that you might not. This is a blog about those things. May they be an encouragement to you, for the view from the Golden Wood is both inspiring and encouraging.